Witch cats

When I walk in town, I really like to observe the animals that I can come across there. I like to imagine stories about what they can experience day by day, hiding under the gaze of passers-by who ignore them. Here is one such story: Formerly the cats whose tails had not been cut off…

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The legend of Lilfire

My cousin Nilsa is an incredible storyteller in addition to being a great person for me but that’s not the point! >.<It was she who pushed me to do this blog and to celebrate, she asked me to write a story together and the result is the little text just below. I hope that pleases…

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Hey guys! Let me introduce you to Bunny! She is a character that I have been drawing since I was little and a bit at all ages. She’s kind of a representation of me. Indeed one year in my class we were 2 Alice and to differentiate us, as I always liked rabbits and that…

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras

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