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To be a soldier’s daughter

Today no story, cooking recipe or cute drawings but something a little more personal than usual Right now I’m a little depressed. My dad is one of the soldiers who can be mobilized in aid to the war in Ukraine, so I’m not in the mood for writing stories. From a very young age, I…

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Halloween Tale: The Prankish Witch

My cousin Nilsa is deaf and for a few years now she has been working for an organization that helps deaf and hard of hearing people in everyday life on many different aspects, but, in short, every year they organize a small party for Halloween which brings together hearing and hard of hearing people. There…

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Alice is cooking: Danish Dips

I had a busy weekend so I couldn’t post anything last week but today I’m catching up a bit by offering you a little recipe for an aperitif to share with friends with the arrival of the holiday season !

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An exotique bird

The little girl was playing at the bottom of the garden. She had decided that on this balmy summer afternoon, she would be an archaeologist. Armed with her beach bucket, a small plastic shovel and a large brush borrowed from her father’s workshop, she began her excavations at the foot of the walnut tree. She…

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Witch cats

When I walk in town, I really like to observe the animals that I can come across there. I like to imagine stories about what they can experience day by day, hiding under the gaze of passers-by who ignore them. Here is one such story: Formerly the cats whose tails had not been cut off…

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The legend of Lilfire

My cousin Nilsa is an incredible storyteller in addition to being a great person for me but that’s not the point! >.<It was she who pushed me to do this blog and to celebrate, she asked me to write a story together and the result is the little text just below. I hope that pleases…

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Hey guys! Let me introduce you to Bunny! She is a character that I have been drawing since I was little and a bit at all ages. She’s kind of a representation of me. Indeed one year in my class we were 2 Alice and to differentiate us, as I always liked rabbits and that…

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I’m Gribouille and I admit that I don’t really know what I’m doing here (a bit like in life in fact). Before yesterday I had an accident: bike against van, surprisingly the van won. I walked away with a broken leg.I was lucky but I’m still in the hospital recovering and I’m bored so to…

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras